Siliporite® for oil and gas

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billes de tamis moléculaires

Arkema develops solutions for the drying and purification of petroleum, petrochemical and gas fractions and for the separation of xylene and paraffins isomers.

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Siliporite® for separation of isomers

The Siliporite®SPX range consists of molecular sieves developed by CECA and IFPEN for the separation of xylenes in Axens’ ELUXYL® process. CECA is particularly proud to announce the last generation of sieves SPX5003 with high performances for xylene separations. The product Siliporite® NPL50, another development of this joint work, is designed to separate paraffins in liquid phase in Axens’ ELUPAR® process.

Siliporite® for drying and purification

The Siliporite® range comprises numerous specific products dedicated to the drying and sweetening of natural gas and to the purification of numerous gaseous or liquid hydrocarbon streams. Available in bead, extruded and trilobe forms, these molecular sieves offer high performances in terms of adsorption capacity and kinetics, even in aggressive environments. Excellent mechanical strength is also one of their major assets. CECA has a team of specialists who will be able to advise you and provide you with the best solution through the conducting of studies and design work.

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  • Oil and gas
    • Natural gas
    • Paraffins
    • Paraxylene
    • Petrochemicals
    • Refining


  • Chloride and acid traps
  • Dessicant
  • Isomers separation
  • Mercury removal
  • Purification
  • Sweetening