Road construction

CECA has been your dedicated supplier of bitumen additives in the road industry for over fifty years. Our expertise in hot mix, warm mix and cold mix techniques is renowned around the world.

Our technical expertise allows us to meet market needs with effective and sustainable innovative products. CECA provides a large product portfolio through partnerships with key regional players and a comprehensive tailor-made service offer. Moreover, a dedicated technical and commercial network is committed to assisting you right from a safe and effective use of our products to following up on full-scale road construction works what so ever be the application.


through every application of pavement construction

Bitumen emulsifiers

  • Spray grade
  • Mixing grade


Bitumen additives

  • Adhesion promoters
  • Workability additives
  • Other additives

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recherche et développement
  • Innovation is also at the core of our business: for example, Cecabase RT®, launched in 2004, offered the first surfactant additive for warm mix asphalt on the market.
  • Most of CECA’s additives are biosourced. CECA is also among the first producers to offer cationic emulsifiers and warm mix asphalt additives which are not dangerous for the environment.
  • Dinoram SLB®, a biodegradable product for spray grades, has been launched.