Polyurethane, polyester and epoxy resins

CECA develops a huge number of products used for polyurethane adhesives and foams, epoxy resins, to synthesize acrylic and methacrylic polyfunctional monomers and improve the thermal and chemical stability of polyester resins.


CECA manufactures specialty polyether polyols for polyurethane adhesives. These polyols are diols marketed under the trade name Dianol®.
These specialty polyols are used to improve thermal stability, chemical stability and adhesion properties on various substrates tested: wood, steel, ABS, and polycarbonate.

CECA also develops triols with various levels of water-repellency to help control the open time of formulae.

CECA’s product range also includes additives such as coalescing agents, plasticizers (Ensoline®), reactive diluents (Dianol® et Adiansol®), and dispersants (Surfaline® et Ensoline®). These products are used in aqueous formulations such as adhesives.


Electrochemical deposition

CECA offers diol-based polyether-polyols (Dianol®), used to soften epoxy resins while maintaining their chemical stability.
CECA also produces coalescing agents and plasticizers to control film formation. These surfactants are added at the final formulation stage. 

Monomer and oligomer synthesis

CECA offers specialty polyether polyols (diols, triols and tetrols) for the synthesis of acrylic and methacrylic polyfunctional monomers.
Polyether alcohols allow the synthesis of monofunctional monomers as well as the synthesis of oligomers with enhanced properties (thermal or chemical stability).

Composite materials

Polyurethane composite foams

CECA develops specialty products marketed under the trade name Adiansol®.
These low molecular weight triols are used as hardeners, exerting an action on the stability of the foams.

The CECA range also includes a triol-based polyether polyol with cell opening properties. Given its structure, this product can also be used in viscoelastic foam formulations.

Polyester composites

CECA offers a range of diol-based polyether polyols, Dianol®, that improve the thermal and chemical stability of polyester resins.
Dispersing agents from CECA’s Ensoline® range facilitate the use of silica in unsaturated polyester formulations.