CECA offers surfactants that can deliver various functions such as flotation agents for mineral purification.

Flotation agent for the purification of minerals

Various minerals like potash (KCl), silica, phosphates, etc., have to be purified after mining by a direct or reverse flotation process.


  • Direct flotation helps extract the mineral itself which may be contained in small amounts of rinse water.
  • Reverse flotation helps extract undesirable impurities present in the ore.


Cationic and anionic surfactants are choice products for this type of process as they react selectively with silica, carbonates and potash, making them incompatible in the aqueous medium so that they may eventually be suitably separated.


With 60 years of experience in surfactants production and formulation, CECA has developed the flotation agent range Noram® and Melioran®.