CECA offers surfactants that can deliver various functions such as coating of fertilizers.

Protection against caking, moisture and dust


All fertilizers (NPK, ammonium and potassium nitrates, CAN, DAP, potash, urea, etc.),  tend to a greater or lesser extent

  •  to cake
  • to generate dust
  • to gather moisture

 during extended bulk storage, manipulations or long-distance transport.

CECA offers a range of coating agents, Fluidiram® and Lilamin®, specifically developed to preserve the integrity of fertilizers from their production to their final use.


CECA’s fertilizer coating agents are surfactant-based formulations specifically selected on the basis of the type of fertilizer to be treated, the requested performances and customer specificities.

CECA supplies fertilizer in a form that is best suited to its customers’ requirements:

  • ready-to-use formulations
  • liquid or solid concentrates (prills or flakes) for on-site dilution

Fluidiram® and Lilamin® can contain ultraviolet (UV) tracers that allow customers to control coating in situ using a UV lamp.