Organophilic clay

CECA offers surfactants that can deliver various functions such as organophilic clays.

Clays are mineral fillers that occur naturally as hydrophilic flakes.

In order to make them compatible with organic media like paints, polymers, inks, greases, and oil-based drilling muds, it is necessary to make them react with quaternary ammonium salts by wet or dry processing.

When clays have been adsorbed, quats become totally organophilic, and so become excellent rheological additives in organic liquid media.

They enable excellent dispersion in molten or liquid polymers.

For this application, CECA offers a wide range of cationic surfactants under the trade names Noram® et Noramium®

These surfactants consist of mono-alkyl or di-alkyl type C12 to C20 chains quaternised with methyl chloride, benzyl chloride or other highly specific quaternising agents chosen on the basis of the polarity of the final medium.