Ultrapure phosphoric acid

Thanks to a secure and optimum raw material supply and a unique process in purification techniques, FEBEX manufactures a clear and colorless phosphoric acid, also known as orthophosphoric acid (H3PO4), achieving optimum quality with impurity content below 50 ppb (IC 50).

Leader in Europe and Singapore

Through its long-standing experience and well-known thermal process*, FEBEX has constantly been enhancing the purity of its phosphoric acid in order to fulfill the most stringent requirements of the electronics industry. 

This makes FEBEX the European and Singaporean leader for supplying the electronics and semiconductor industry, and a major worldwide player for every type of phosphoric acid:

  • food grade
  • chemical pure
  • electronic grade
  • crystallized phosphoric acid
  • polyphosphoric acid
  • pyrophosphoric acid

Two “electronic” grades to comply with the most stringent requirements

The stringent selection of raw materials and their impurities (Phosphorus), the strict control of the process and possible contamination sources, and the quality monitoring “chain” with end-of-line packaging in a clean room enable FEBEX to offer very high quality phosphoric acid in two grades:

  • Superbex with an iron content below 2 ppm (part per million), is mainly used in 1st generation fabs or in the TFT-LCD industry and solar industry (VLSI classified),
  • Ultrabex is dedicated to the electronics industry, and is available with 4 major iron contents: 50 ppb, 100 ppb, 125 ppb, and 200 ppb (ULSI classified).


  • drums (60L and 220L)
  • IBCs (1000L), bulk


  • semiconductors and wafer etching
  • acidifying compound for beverages
  • pharmaceutical industry
  • bitumen
  • water treatment 

(*)Thermal process: cleanest way of producing phosphoric acid, by removal of most rock impurities, unlike the wet process.