Hypophosphorous acid

FEBEX manufactures pure hypophosphorous acid from its high quality sodium hypophosphite.
Thus FEBEX is able to guarantee its customers high quality, proximity, reactivity and high levels of service.           

FEBEX is an historical producer of hypophosphorous acid, as well as the last remaining producer outside of Asia integrated with sodium hypophosphite production.

Hypophosphorous acid can be used in several applications such as:

  • bleaching agent/decolorizing: agent for plastics, synthetic fibers (primarily polyester) and chemicals,
  • color stabilizer: during the manufacture of chemicals and several plastics such as nylon fibers, polyamides, polyester fiber, polyacrilonitrile, alkyd resins, epoxies, fatty acid esters, and glycerol. Hypophosphorous acid can also be used to prevent color in copper descaling,
  • production of hypophosphite salts: calcium hypophosphite, magnesium hypophoshite, manganese hypophosphite, potassium hypophosphite, iron hypophosphite or ammonium hypophosphite. These salts are in turn used in synthetic fibers for their wetting, dispersing, emulsifying or anti-static properties,
  • chemical intermediate for organic synthesis or for organo-phosphinic acid production
  • neutralizing agent,
  • catalysts: for polymerization or polycondensation,
  • wetting, dispersing or emulsifying agent,
  • reducing agent: our hypophosphorous acid has a strong and slow reducing action,
  • antioxidant,
  • pharmaceutical industry as a stimulant.

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