Electroless nickel plating market

Thanks to the best raw materials and to automated production at every key stage of the sodium hypophosphite process, in thirty years Sofibex™ has become the preferred product for the most advanced electroless nickel plating applications.

What is electroless nickel plating?

Chemical nickel plating is a chemical reduction process whereby nickel ions in a reducing aqueous solution (with sodium hypophosphite) deposit on the metal or the plastic surface of the component to be plated, without the need for electrical energy.

With its outstanding corrosion resistance and lifetime, this process, which is most useful in many industrial and everyday applications (valves, pumps, automotive and aerospace equipment, etc.), provides a nickel deposit that is even in terms of speed of deposition, and homogeneous without “peak effect” in terms of thickness.

The Sofibex™ asset

FEBEX ensures constant quality of its products guaranteeing:

  • optimum lifetime for nickel plating baths
  • an even deposit, even on complex and intricate shapes and components
  • high phosphorus content of the deposit with good corrosion protection and magnetic/thermal stability properties
  • less porous nickel plating with a good protective barrier against corrosion
  • superior lubricating power
  • very good adhesion onto support high quality finish, and color similar to stainless steel