Sodium hypophosphite

The Sofibex™ product range is recognized worldwide for its product quality and consistency. 

FEBEX, leader in high quality sodium hypophosphite

Sofibex is a reducing agent for demanding applications, from electroless (i.e. chemical) nickel-plating to chemical or pharmaceutical manufacture, in which product quality is paramount for the reliability and profitability of the process.

Indeed, Sofibex™ grades fulfill these sectors’ most stringent requirements with their specifications and stable formulations.

With its two fully independent production sites in China and Switzerland, FEBEX is the only producer able to guarantee quality and reliable supply. This also enables FEBEX to offer a wide range of sodium hypophosphite grades.

FEBEX is also n°1 in Europe for the production of sodium hypophosphite solution, available in 810 gramme/liter concentration. This product ensures easier use for customers: saving production time (simpler handling) and minimizing waste with the option of using shuttle containers. 


  • 25 / 500 / 800 / 1000 kg bags,
  • IBCs,
  • drums for solution.


  • electroless nickel-plating
  • polyacrylates
  • flame retardant for plastics
  • pharmaceutical industry
  • reducing agent
  • production of hypophosphorous acid