THPS is used in the oil sector to prevent the release of hydrogen sulfide (H2S) resulting from the decay of oil induced by bacteria.

Water in drilling wells promotes the development of bacteria which break the oil down into highly corrosive hydrogen sulfide (H2S) gas. The presence of H2S in drilling wells has repercussions both on the health of the workforce and on the corrosion of drilling pipes.

THPS is regarded as a “green” biocide because of its bactericidal activity coupled with its biodegradable properties.

In 1997, THPS (sulphite phosphonium salts), used as a biocide, received the “Green Chemistry Award” in the United States, as, unlike other biocides, it breaks down into a non-toxic product after use.

Other applications:

  • flame retardant
  • leather treatment
  • paper pulp industry