FEBEX offers its clients a unique recycling system for their acid waste, in response to concerns regarding sustainable development and preservation of natural resources.

Recycling: a key step in purchasing.

As a responsible manufacturer and a specialist of high purity phosphoric acid, FEBEX is deeply involved in a more ecological management of your industrial wastes. FEBEX has developed an integrated process from the commercialization to the recycling of their acids, most of the time delivered in shuttle containers.


A specialist in phosphoric acid purification (standard and food grades) through different methods, FEBEX’s production plant in Bex capitalizes on this knowledge to treat spent phosphoric acid - containing high concentrations of heavy metals - mostly from the surface treatment industry (i.e. printed circuit boards, capacitors, etc.).


This proprietary purification method offers an efficient and economical alternative to the destruction of used phosphoric acid containing copper (Cu), silver (Ag), lead (Pb), zinc (Zn), chromium, (Cr) or nickel (Ni).