FEBEX, overview and services

FEBEX, a CECA subsidiary, is one of the world leaders in the production of ultra pure phosphoric acid as well as sodium hypophosphite. Its expertise has been recognized since 1917.

FEBEX employs 80 people at two production facilities on two continents:

  • Bex, Switzerland
  • Shanghai, China

Products and end-markets:

FEBEX manufactures and markets three independent product lines derived from yellow phosphorus and registered under the European REACH regulation:

With this extensive product range, FEBEX is able to fulfill the requirements of many wide-ranging end-markets:

Sodium hypophosphite

  • electroless nickel-plating
  • polyacrylates
  • flame retardant
  • pharmaceutical industry
  • reducing agent

Phosphoric acid

  • semiconductors and wafers etching
  • acidifying compound for food and beverages
  • pharmaceutical industry
  • bitumen
  • water treatment     

Phosphine derivatives

  • flame retardant
  • biocide in oilfield
  • leather treatment
  • paper pulp (recycled)