Produced water discharge

Water separated from oil using a demulsifier is an effluent which should be environmentally acceptable for disposal, or suitable for re-injection into the reservoir. Any effluent (i.e. oily water) discharged in the environment should comply with current government maximum specification for oil in water.

In addition to demulsifiers used in onshore or offshore production units or in refineries, the residual oil in water has to be separated in a specific effluent treatment plant using deoilers.

Deoilers can be flocculants or coagulants. CECA provides innovative and suitable deoilers along with relevant technical assistance to help produce water with the lowest oil content in accordance with the highest HSE standards.


Our worldwide technical network provides you with immediate local support to assess your water quality requirements and any related problems in your production systems, and to evaluate the possibility of offering you other services in addition to oil-in-water separation.

Using CECA’s Prochinor® FL innovative molecules and our extensive formulation expertise, your regional representative will provide you with the best technical support to help you achieve the highest water quality and therefore comply with environmental regulatory constraints, while minimising costs.