Corrosion control in the oil industry

Corrosion is the attack of a metal via chemical or electrochemical reactions. It can take several forms and display various degrees of severity: from a simple alteration of the appearance to a total loss of mechanical properties.

CECA’s corrosion inhibitors have been developed to protect oil and gas production installations. This includes protection of water systems specific to oil fields: produced water disposal systems, water injection facilities and other water production and treatment systems.

The Norust® product range offers optimum corrosion inhibition whatever the fluid characteristics and field conditions: CO2 and/or H2S presence, low or high water salinity, top of line corrosion, high temperature, and high shear.

CECA’s corrosion inhibitors are extremely efficient at very low dosage, and do not alter the physico-chemical properties of the effluents

Within CECA we focus on delivering solutions to improve our customers’ competitiveness by:

  • preserving asset integrity,
  • avoiding production loss,
  • meeting the highest HSE standards.