Bacteria are responsible for a wide variety of damage in the oil industry. In particular they can be responsible for corrosion through:

  • the nutrients they consume: formation of cells of differential aeration in the case of oxygen consumption, or cathodic depolarisation in the case of hydrogen consumption
  • the compounds they expel: acids or complexing compounds, hydrogen sulphide
  • their simple presence: formation of deposits creating heterogeneities
  • porous material plugging (i.e. reservoir, filters) disrupting productivity

CECA has developed a number of high performance Bactiram® formulations to kill bacteria and prevent the microbiologically induced corrosion which can lead to reservoir souring. 

CECA will offer you specific solutions in order to:

  • identify the bacteria involved (acid producing bacteria, sulphate reducing bacteria, thiosulphate reducing bacteria),
  • determine and design the treatment which best fits your needs and facilities (batch treatment, continuous injection, alternating treatment).

Our aim is to enhance your productivity, reduce your operating expenditure,
and increase the lifetime and integrity of your facilities.