• thermodynamic hydratesinhibitors (THI) which shift the equilibrium curve of hydrate formation to lower temperatures,
  • low dosage hydrate inhibitors (LDHI) which can delay hydrate crystal growth or prevent the agglomeration of hydrate crystals (anti-agglomerants, AA).


Low dosage hydrate inhibitors work at 1-3% by weight with respect to the water phase, while thermodynamic hydrate inhibitors dosages can go up to 30-60% with respect to the water phase. Taking into account these dosage levels, the advantage of LDHI in decreasing operational and capital expenditure related to manipulating high volumes of THI is clear.

CECA offers a wide range of hydrates inhibitors developed in its research facilities and which have been classified as best in class in many third-party labs around the world.

Methanol services

Methanol is used worldwide as an efficient thermodynamic hydrate inhibitor to avoid the formation of hydrate plugs during oil and gas production.
CECA offers a dedicated service to deliver methanol to its customers to remote locations in accordance with all the required regulations and HSE directives on the transport of this chemical.