Emulsion breaker – Oil and water Separation

The separation of water from crude oil, commonly called demulsification or dewatering, is important to produce oil meeting commercial specifications.


Refineries can only accept oil with very low water and salt contents (i.e. less than 0.1% water and 10 ptb salt typically).

Since each emulsion is unique, the success of any demulsifier (water clarifier) test campaign depends on the ability to design dedicated solutions for the customer.


The Prochinor® brand has been designed to provide optimum oil separation solutions worldwide, combining innovative molecules, strong expertise, and highly reactive service capabilities.

CECA’s Prochinor® range represents best-in-class technologies, providing:

  • water drop at a controllable rate depending on customer process
  • clear oil/water interface
  • zero residual emulsion
  • low salt content
  • good effluent water quality for disposal or re-injection
  • environmental regulatory compliance