CECA’s molecular sieves solutions for the pharmaceuticals industry

Siliporite® molecular sieves protect pharmaceuticals from the potentially negative effects of moisture due to their excellent properties.

Synthesis tool for the fine chemicals and pharmaceuticals industry

Siliporite® molecular sieves are used to remove water formed in chemical reactions, the water being capable of modifying the equilibrium of the said reaction. In the pharmaceuticals and fine chemicals industry, molecular sieves are typically used in the synthesis reaction of molecules. This is done to improve the yields and the quality of the final product.

Pharmaceuticals packaging

Drugs and organic solvents need to be protected from moisture pick-up.

CECA has a comprehensive range of products called Siliporite® NK10 and NK30. These products are commonly inserted into the drug and chemical packaging cap or compounded with a polymeric matrix. CECA guarantees that these grades comply with the USP 670 regulation currently in force for pharmaceutical packaging.