Arkema Group at a glance

Building on its unique set of expertise in materials science, Arkema designs materials to address the ever-growing demand for innovative and sustainable materials, driven by the challenges of new energies, new technologies, the depletion of resources, mobility, and increasing urbanization.



The Group is structured into three coherent and complementary segments dedicated to Specialty Materials (Adhesive Solutions, Advanced Materials, and Coating Solutions) accounting for 82% of its sales, and an Intermediates segment leveraging competitive and global product lines.

Sustained by the collective energy of its 20,600 employees, Arkema operates in some 55 countries and reports sales of €7.9 billion.

Arkema fosters interaction with its stakeholders, and innovates around 5 solution-oriented research platforms which shape the Group's R&D to address the major global trends today and in the future.

Arkema key figures

Some important figures about Arkema

Our materials in everyday life

Our materials and innovations are subtly present everywhere in your daily life: vehicles, cosmetics, aeronautics, packaging, electrics, sporting goods, etc.


Watch the video or download the booklet to see examples of everyday applications with Arkema products and materials.



Four business segments

Arkema’s organization is the product of in-depth transformations conducted over recent years to optimize the Group’s positioning as a leader of specialty materials.


Each business segment draws its strength from the following:

  • Leading market positions on most of its activity
  • A great capacity for innovation focused on sustainable development and the protection of the environment
  • Worldwide geographical coverage, evenly balanced between North America, Europe and Asia
Adhesive Solutions

Construction & Consumer

Industrial Assembly

Advanced Materials

High Performance Polymers

Performance Additives

Coating Solutions

Coating Resins

Coating Additives


World no.1 to no.3 on 90% of the portfolio

Adhesive Solutions

Specialty Adhesives #3

Advanced Materials

Specialty Polyamides #1


Thiochemicals #1

Hydrogen Peroxide #3

Coating Solutions

Acrylic Monomers #2

Coating Resins #3

Photocure resins #1


Fluorogases #3

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Organized in four business segments, Arkema is focused on being a Specialty Materials leader offering  the most innovative and sustainable solutions to address our customers’ current and future challenges.